The Maggie East Story

It’s not the size of the Dog in the race,

It’s the size of the race in the dog.

By James Fielding

July 19tMaggie Goes for Goldh: A young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is recovering in the hospital, but her dreams are on life support.  The prognosis: Grim.  Only two weeks separate the young athlete from the qualifying round of the Pet Dominion Pawlympic 200 Meter Dash.  Well, two weeks and recovery from her ovariohysterectomy (spay) procedure.

August 1st: Maggie’s sutures are being examined in the hospital, if they can be removed she’ll be cleared by the medical staff to compete.  Maggie is too preoccupied to contemplate what happens next if the sutures stay in.  Her race is this afternoon, her mind, honed by months of rigorous activity, is focused completely on… well, the treats the hospital staff are giving her, but cut her some slack, she’s a puppy!

Gold MedalAugust 8th: the crowd goes wild! (ok, technically they’re all tame animals) but it got loud.  Despite the odds stacked against her, convalescing during the critical two weeks prior to her event, wearing a cone, not being allowed to jump and play until her sutures were removed… Maggie stared adversity in the face, and licked it.  Congratulations to Maggie East, Gold Medal winner in the Pawlympics 200 Meter Dash, a real underdog champion.