Dr Brody examining a dogFrom the beginning as a frisky puppy or kitten through geriatric care, Pet Dominion in Rockville, MD is here for you and your pet to keep them healthy through all life stages. We have vaccine schedules and parasite testing and control designed specifically for your pet and their risks. Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows us to do most diagnostic testing in house with same day results. We recommend routine wellness exam packages for all of our patients.

Our goal is to prevent illness whenever possible. Through routine blood and urine testing we can diagnose and treat diseases in early stages. A healthy base line can be established for your pet’s individual normal values. The time and effort invested in Wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners. Be sure to schedule your pet for an annual or senior wellness exam package that includes a comprehensive physical exam, blood testing, and urine testing. All veterinary services are by appointment only.

Why Do a Wellness Exam Package?

In November 2013, Pipsqueak, a 7-year old terrier mix, came in for a routine senior exam and bloodwork. Our doctors caught something on the wellness bloodwork that they would not have discovered until much later: A rare type of cancer. An ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis a few days later. Pipsqueak’s owners now had more treatment options available to them, and he had a better chance of recovery. Stories like Pipsqueak’s are why we are so dedicated to preventive care through our comprehensive wellness packages. For more information on these important exams, visit our blog Tails from Pet Dominion.