surgeryWe go to great lengths to ensure that your pet’s anesthetic experience is safe, successful, and that recovery is swift. At Pet Dominion, all of our veterinary patients are carefully screened for safety, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet.

Our surgeries are performed with advanced laser technology. The laser works like a scalpel but cauterizes small blood vessels as it goes, creating less bleeding, swelling, tissue damage and pain. It allows a speedier recovery. From routine spays and neuters to lump removals or orthopedic procedures we ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable for the duration of their procedure and recovery. We use our therapeutic Companion Laser for post op treatment to further promote healing and comfort.

All patients are fully monitored by our trained staff. They are situated on a heated surgery table for warmth during and after the procedure. Your pet will be on a multi-parameter monitor that measures ECG, blood pressure, SPO2, CO2, respiration and temperature. We use IV fluid therapy to keep your pet hydrated and to maintain blood pressure while anesthetized. During recovery your pet will be closely monitored by our staff in our heated ICU with soft comfortable bedding. Pain management is high on our list of priorities and we will tailor a post op regimen that will keep your pet’s pain under control.

Microchip Service

When your pet comes in for his/her neuter or spay procedure, Pet Dominion recommends the Home Again Microchip for your pets here in Rockville, MD.  This quick and easy injection can be done at any time, but having it done during your pet’s spay/neuter procedure ensures that the process is 100% pain-free!  For more information on this pet recovery service, watch our exclusive video: