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Kira’s Weight Loss Journey

By Justin Bassett, CCRA Like many of us, Kira is on a quest to improve her health and mobility by losing weight this year. The only difference, she’s a labrador […]

Teddy’s Road to Recovery

By Justin Bassett, CCRA Teddy has always been an active dog. He loves running outside and chasing after squirrels. One day, Teddy chased a little too hard and started to […]

Understanding Lyme Disease

By Kristian Sorbo, BVM&S MRCVS A frequent concern owners bring up is the risk of their pets and themselves acquiring Borreliosis (Lyme disease). Data shows the Mid-Atlantic region being a […]

Orthopedic Surgery Becoming a More Common Part of Pets’ Lives

Every year, both humans and animals undergo various types of orthopedic procedures to repair traumatic, overuse, and developmental problems associated with the bones, joints and associated soft tissue structures (ligaments, […]