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Tick Prevention in Dogs is Tick Protection for You!

By Dr. Kristian Sorbo BVM&S MRCVS Five of the seven common tick types of the US can be found in the Mid-Atlantic region, and all of them transmit diseases that […]

Can my pet enjoy Thanksgiving too?

By, David Vilallonga, DVM, MS, PhD, CVA Can my pet enjoy Thanksgiving too? The clear answer is YES! They can have a good time and share this special day with the rest […]

Health Certificates: Know Before You Go

By Dr. Michael Bassett, Medical Director Traveling with your pet requires advanced planning. Air travel generally requires at least an examination of your pet and a health certificate from a […]

Keeping Your Pet’s Food Safe

By Dr. Zeoli, Associate Veterinarian Just like in humans, food safety is important for our pets, and is commonly overlooked.  You probably know about the contaminated treats coming from China […]