By Justin Bassett, CCRA

Like many of us, Kira is on a quest to improve her health and mobility by losing weight this year. The only difference, she’s a labrador retriever! Kira is a regular in daycare here at Pet Dominion. She loves people, other dogs, and playing outside. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting Kira and her owners face to face to discuss a weight loss plan for her. “Kira is a young Labrador who is perfectly healthy, but we just want to see her lose at least 10 pounds,” her owner stated during her consultation with our rehab team. Kira was put on an exercise plan to come into our rehab department twice a week (during her days in daycare) for underwater treadmill workout sessions to build muscle and burn fat. Kira was 87 pounds when we started her weight loss program. After only 4 weeks, she had lost nearly 4 pounds! We cannot wait to see how much she will lose over to course of the next month and a half.