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Understanding Lyme Disease

By Kristian Sorbo, BVM&S MRCVS A frequent concern owners bring up is the risk of their pets and themselves acquiring Borreliosis (Lyme disease). Data shows the Mid-Atlantic region being a […]

Tick Prevention in Dogs is Tick Protection for You!

By Dr. Kristian Sorbo BVM&S MRCVS Five of the seven common tick types of the US can be found in the Mid-Atlantic region, and all of them transmit diseases that […]

Can my pet enjoy Thanksgiving too?

By, David Vilallonga, DVM, MS, PhD, CVA Can my pet enjoy Thanksgiving too? The clear answer is YES! They can have a good time and share this special day with the rest […]

Ensuring the Safety of Our Pets

By Dr. Skopets, DVM October Is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. It is a good time to give our pets a critical look and to make sure they are […]