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Heartworm Disease: Not Your Average Parasite!

By Julie Augustine, MS, DVM When you bring your dog or cat into the veterinarian’s office, several of the many questions that are asked when you first arrive revolve around a […]

Prevention is Key in Poison Control

By Dr. Sand Welcome to the latest Pet Dominion blog post! We’ve been on sabbatical for a bit, but plan on bringing you relevant and timely posts for the foreseeable […]

How to Prevent this Fatal Disease in Cats

By Dr. Michael Bassett, Medical Director Most dog owners are aware of the threat that heartworm disease poses, but did you know that cats get heartworms as well?  April is […]

Pet Dominion is Working to Remain Canine Influenza-Free

If you have been watching the news any time during the last week, then you probably know that the canine influenza virus is here in Montgomery County.  There have been […]