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Safe Travels for Your Pet

This week, we celebrated National Pet Travel Safety Day since most of us travel with our pets at one time or another.  Whether it’s around town, across the country, or […]

Make Halloween a Howling Safe Time

Halloween is a fun time filled with costumes, candy, haunted houses and trick-or-treating!  But, it can be a dangerous time for your furry friends.  Everything from candy to anxiety can […]

Pet Dominion is Working to Remain Canine Influenza-Free

If you have been watching the news any time during the last week, then you probably know that the canine influenza virus is here in Montgomery County.  There have been […]

Staying Ahead of the Storm

Last week’s devastating tornado in Oklahoma highlights the need for you and your pets to be prepared for natural disasters.  And while the chances of a tornado on that scale […]