By Dr. Michael Bassett, Medical Director

free-public-domain-photosMost dog owners are aware of the threat that heartworm disease poses, but did you know that cats get heartworms as well?  April is National Heartworm Awareness Month.  This fatal disease can be avoided with a monthly dose of a prescribed preventative.  Pets contract heartworm disease through the bite of an infected mosquito.  Since mosquitos easily get into our homes, even indoor cats are at risk for this deadly disease.  The disease is especially difficult in cats because a series of tests may need to be done to determine if heartworms are present, and even then, the results may be inconclusive.  Furthermore, treatment is difficult and may require surgery.

Since cats do get heartworm disease and it can be rapidly fatal, we strongly recommend preventive for all cats. We like Revolution as a preventative because it only requires a single topical application once a month to prevent heartworms as well as intestinal parasites and fleas. Even cats that never go outdoors can contract heartworm disease through a single mosquito bite. Revolution is guaranteed by the manufacturer, as long as it is purchased through your veterinarian.  It comes in two strengths to ensure that your cat receives the proper protection level despite his/her weight.

With spring in full swing, now is a great time to get your cat on the path to prevention.  Give is a call today at 301-258-0333 to find out more about Revolution and how we can help keep your pet parasite free!  For more on heartworm disease, visit the American Heartworm Society.