By Dr. Michael Bassett, Medical Director


Don’t forget rabies, it’s still here.

We still have a significant number of cases of rabies in our state and county. The Maryland State Health Department reported a total of 375 cases in animals in 2013. Of these, 234 were in raccoons and 24 were in cats. Montgomery County saw 33 cases of rabies, 24 in raccoons and one in a cat. It is important to remember that many cases of rabies go unreported.

Rabies is passed in the saliva of an infected animal, and it is fatal in all mammals. All dogs and cats should be vaccinated as directed by your veterinarian and required by law.  If your pet’s rabies vaccine is coming due or overdue, give us a call immediately at 301-258-0333 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.  Don’t let your pet go unprotected from this deadly disease!