By Dr. Karen Burks

black_brown_and_white_dog-558x600It’s Summer, and you know what that means! It’s that extra special season where your family gathers round the barbecue, when your pets play tug-o-war in the yard, and when you have animated conversations like, “Really? You think he’s a Spaniel/Dalmatian? I think he looks more like a Chihuahua/Greyhound!”

What am I talking about? Why, it’s National Mutt Day, of course! ¬†National Mutt Day is celebrated every July and was created in 2005 to raise awareness for mutts that are sitting in wait in shelters around the country. The website¬†encourages you to submit pictures of your favorite mutt to their Facebook page for prizes, buy some cool mutt merchandise, donate to your local rescue, and, of course, ADOPT A MUTT!

Mixed-breed dogs provide all the emotional benefits of purebred dogs, and in some cases can be healthier than their purebred counterparts because there is less chance for line-breeding and inbreeding.

Plus, you get to stump friends and family with a fun guessing game of your pet’s lineage. For those who absolutely need to know, genetic tests are available (such as Wisdom panel at ).

I had genetic tests done on my two terrier mixes, and was surprised by the results!

So gather around, hug your mutts tight, and don’t forget to play a game of “Is he a beagle or a borzoi?” And if you don’t have a mutt to call your very own, go out and adopt one today!!

Please share your experiences with adopting a mutt, guessing his breed, and/or performing a genetic test in the comment section below!