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Heartworm Disease: Not Your Average Parasite!

By Julie Augustine, MS, DVM When you bring your dog or cat into the veterinarian’s office, several of the many questions that are asked when you first arrive revolve around a […]

How to Prevent this Fatal Disease in Cats

By Dr. Michael Bassett, Medical Director Most dog owners are aware of the threat that heartworm disease poses, but did you know that cats get heartworms as well?  April is […]

Health Certificates: Know Before You Go

Traveling with your pet requires advanced planning. Air travel generally requires at least an examination of your pet and a health certificate from a veterinarian within 10 days of travel. […]

A Day in the Life of a Diabetic Pet

By Dr. Lamar, Associate Veterinarian Having a pet diagnosed with diabetes can initially be very overwhelming! Yes, it will require several lifestyle changes, but the love you receive from your […]